About f35/ photo gallery

Located on the virtual Beaches of Red Hook
in Brooklyn, New York f35/ photo gallery takes
a precise camera's eye view of the world.
Being practically on the site of the Civil War
Fort Defiance, just across Buttermilk
Channel from Governor's Island, you could
say we're drenched in history.

All photos were taken with Nikon cameras and
lenses, using both film (classic chromes from
Kodak) and digital files.

These primarily TIFF images (sizes up to 7000
x 5000 pixels, 150MB) are scanned on Epson
pro scanners, printed on Epson pro printers,
and use archival acid free papers, for ultimate
quality. Large giclee images are printed by
selected studios in Manhattan. All images are
produced in signed, limited editions.

Thanks for visiting.

Bob Thompson
f35/ photo gallery